The show has been cast! Thank you to all that auditioned. Future shows will be announced soon!

The character Liz is in her fifties, 246-line count. The character of Myrtle is Liz’s younger sister, somewhere between 40-50 years of age with a 145-line count. The character of Ann is in her 20s, a schoolteacher and niece of Liz and Myrtle with a 114-line count. The character of Arthur is a reporter, aged 20-30, a 258-line count. The character of Queenie is a sarcastic newspaper reporter in her 40s with a 64-line count. The character of Dolores, age 40 and Arthur’s boss, has a line count of 127. The character of Horace, age 50, has a 35-line count.

If you would like to volunteer backstage, please mail for more information.

Casting List

LIZ – Erika Harvey

MYRTLE – Kyra Cronin

ANN – Julia Garringer

ARTHUR – Russ Walkner

QUEENIE – Nancy Long

DOLORES – Loretta Lawrence

HORACE – Andy Hogan

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